Henry is a highly regarded pro-life speaker who has worked professionally in radio, TV, film, and theater.  He combines humor and real life circumstances to inspire audiences across the country while enlightening communities about the amazing work of their local pregnancy center.


In 2010, Henry founded Abba Media Group for the purpose of producing media and films that honor God and life.  Rock Star Parking embraces that vision and is based on his real life story.  With the enlisted help of award winning screenwriter Kim P. Wells, Rock Star Parking was selected from more than 500 scripts as a Kairos Prize Semi-Finalist for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays.


Before completing the screenplay for Rock Star Parking, Henry was involved in the production of three Christian films:  The Academy Award nominated Alone Yet Not Alone; Hero; and Destiny Road.

Henry Jernigan



Kirk’s insight into the value and inner working of pregnancy centers is matched by few.  He is a nationally known speaker and author of The Wall, a visionary look into how the Christian community can create a new culture of life in America, and effectively end abortion as we know it, in the next decade.  


In the 1990’s, Kirk served as CEO of a pregnancy help center, leading that ministry to open one of America’s early pregnancy help clinics while growing its client base and more than tripling its financial resources.  


Kirk founded LifeTrends, an organization now under the umbrella of Heartbeat International, the world’s largest network of pregnancy help ministries.  In addition to speaking on behalf of pregnancy help centers, Kirk now serves Heartbeat as an Advancement Specialist and is a weekly columnist for PregnancyHelpNews.com.

Kirk Walden

associate producer

Lauren is an acclaimed pro-life speaker who starred for 3 years on “All My Children” as the troubled young runaway “Laura Kirk English.”  After relocating to Los Angeles, she had guest star and supporting roles in such projects as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (WB), The Division (Lifetime), Roswell (WB), The David Cassidy Story (NBC), and Outreach (WB Pilot).


Lauren’s personal story hits close to home as she found forgiveness and freedom through a post-abortion Bible study at a Pregnancy Care Center in Los Angeles soon after leaving All My Children.  


Lauren is also an accomplished singer and worship leader and has recently appeared in Grace Unplugged and the critically acclaimed TV series Nashville on ABC.

Lauren Roman

lead actress

In a seemingly brief career, Paul has already directed five Christian films, including The Reliant (2017) starring Kevin Sorbo and Eric Roberts, and Princess Cut (2015) starring Ashley Bratcher (Unplanned).  In between, he was the Supervising Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, and Editor for Unbridled.


Paul’s filmmaking journey began in 2007 when he wrote and edited an animated creation documentary called Animals in the Bible.  In 2007, he founded Watchman Pictures and has since been involved in the making of over 8 Christian films including the Academy Award nominated Alone Yet Not Alone.


Paul’s film experience covers all aspects of production including Director of Photography, Line Producer, and Casting.  This diversity gives Paul a wide range of knowledge in the filmmaking process and makes him a perfect fit as the Director of Rock Star Parking.

Paul Munger


Scott Mills is the Owner and Chief Engagement Officer of Engage Media Partners.  He has over 20 years of combined marketing experience in Christian film, music, and publishing.  His heart is to engage media with redeeming values and Christ honoring entertainment.


Scott has been involved in the marketing of many successful Christian films including War Room, God’s Not Dead, and Courageous.  Since 2010, he has helped promote over 40 films with a combined box office of more than $350 million dollars in revenue.

Scott Mills

marketing consultant

Abba Media Group

201 E Main Street

Youngsville, NC 27596