There are over 2,500 pregnancy help centers in this country alone, many of whom are altering the cultural landscape around them.  One pregnancy center in the South has been a key player in lowering their county's abortion rate by 55%.  Other statistics indicate that as many as 90% of girls who face an unplanned pregnancy and seek the help of a pregnancy center also choose life.

Rock Star Parking carries a very positive pro-life message, but unlike other pro-life films, will be the first feature-film ever to illustrate the work of pregnancy centers within the structure of its plot.


Produce a powerful and inspiring film with the potential to impact audiences for generations to come - based on the life of a real family, the circumstances they lived, and the choices they made.

Highlight the work of pregnancy centers within the film's storyline endearing audiences to the work they do.

Recreate the current culture and world view of life.

Greatly reduce abortions in our country.

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Your Story Photography)





Henry and Elizabeth can’t wait for their first child to arrive, but their lives are turned upside down when they learn he has a spinal condition that will cause him to spend his life in a wheelchair.


Henry considers what is in the best interest of his family, including their doctor’s recommendation to abort, but is encouraged when he and Elizabeth attend a local pregnancy center banquet and meet Chet McDoniel, a charismatic speaker who lives life to the fullest, despite being born without arms.


Encouragement quickly fades, however, after Pierce is born and unimaginable trials settle in.  Overwhelmed, Henry struggles to accept his son’s condition and grows cynical of the journey he didn’t choose.  Through that slow journey (revealed through tragic, miraculous, and funny moments), Henry begins to realize you don’t have to walk to live an amazing life of purpose.


Ultimately, Henry learns if he’d denied Pierce his life, he would have derailed the divine plan for his own.


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